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Kanye West x Zane Lowe

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Kanye West went from one of Hip-Hop’s most beloved and celebrated artists to it’s most polarizing figure in the age of Donald Trump. From stating that George Bush “doesn’t care about Black people” to revealing he feels like “Superman” whenever he puts on his Make America Great Again hat while declaring that slavery was a “choice,” people do indeed miss the old Kanye.

Though his adidas sneakers line continues to remain hot in these streets his brand itself continues to suffer numerous setbacks thanks to Kanye continuously making unexpected pro-Trump and pro-far-right statements that alienate his core Hip-Hop fanbase.

In his first in-depth interview in quite some time, Kanye continues to go down the road he’s been trekking for the past few years by referring to his outraged fans as “liberals” and explains how his new “only mission in life” of spreading the gospel is influencing all the moves he’s making these days including his upcoming Christian album, Jesus Is Born.

Here are the 10 things we learned from Kanye West from his sometimes off the wall interview with Zane Lowe.

Kanye remembers that at the age of 5 he stumbled onto one of his father’s Playboy magazines that eventually led to him having a “full on pornography addiction” which he says “affected every choice I made for the rest of my life.” We wonder how his current wife Kim Kardashian might feel about that little tidbit because, well, y’all know (no shots).

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