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'Need For Speed Heat's' March Update Adds Two New Vehicles To The Game

Source: EA / Need For Speed For Heat

EA has announced its newest update for Need For Speed Heat that adds new cars for you to own to the streets with as well as a bunch of other updates that are now available in the game.

Need For Speed Heat’s first car pack is here, and it includes two cars to choose from. The 2018 edition of Aston Martin’s luxury vehicle the DB 11 Volante, which is the free option and the 1993 version of  McLaren F1 supercar, which will cost you $4.99 through the games Black Market Delivery feature. Here are features each vehicle comes with:

  • Narrative setting with VO
  • 6x Challenge Sets for the player to complete (3-5 hours of gameplay) featuring both recycled (activities) and new content (exclusive new events)
  • Character outfits
  • Customization items
  • Vanity items

For those not familiar with how the Black Market Deliveries work in the game, players meet up with a new character Raziel who is an underground car dealer who imports two types of cars. For free 99, players can get variants of already existing cars and brand new ones that will cost you some cash. Each vehicle has its own back story that begins when you drive down to Port Murphy to pick them up from the shipping containers the cars are contained in. From there, Raziel will ask you to do favors for him, and once each one is completed, you will receive a reward.

Also, there will be challenges for you to complete as well that will earn you visual customization parts for your new rides, character outfits, and effects fitting the car’s theme. On top of that, players can look forward to discovering new events that can be replayed once the Black Market Challenge is complete.

Other “quality of life” improvements that were added to the game recently include:

  • An update that gave racers the ability to plug in their own steering wheel back in January
  • A chat wheel function
  • A Keys to the Map pad option that will instantly reveal the locations of collectibles, activities, and gas stations on the in-game map.

Photo: EA / Need For Speed For Heat

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