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Before the cancellation of the NBA season, before March madness became March sadness and before the coronavirus outbreak affected the entire world, John Wall had the pleasure of visiting his old stomping grounds, University of Kentucky! The Washington Wizards give full access to Wall’s visit to the Kentucky arena as the Wildcats played in front of a very lively crowd plus his interactions with some of the current players…



John Wall did make a return to his UK a few years ago when he was inducted into their 2017 Athletes Hall of Fame. This was a special moment that he shared with his close friends and family. “I’m honored… It was so exciting to be back on campus! Friday is definitely a day that I will never forget!” John shared via social media after the ceremony.



John has been very vocal that he keeps up with High School, College and of course the NBA 24-7. He knows the players and loves being in the middle of the action. Before the full sports hiatus, Wall was spotted at a Morgan State University game and he refereed the Washington Wizards Special Olympics Unified game for another year.



Looking back at all of the college games and even the less exciting NBA games, there’s no doubt that right now, there is a void for fans of the game as well as the players, They are now missing an essential part of their everyday lives. As more players are being tested for the coronavirus, it won’t be surprising to hear that more will be positive. So we must; stay home, wash our hands, watch old sports highlights and hold in there. We’ll get through it together! Praying this will all pass over and we can back to it!