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Gabrielle Corney discovered her passion for hair at 15 while helping her best friend install her extensions. The seasoned stylist went on to obtain her cosmetology license and build a business working with her favorite client, hair. Oh, and some other pretty cool clients like Kandi Burruss, En Vogue, Gayle King, Neicy Nash and more.

With 28 years of experience tending to natural hair, Corney has a thriving business and brand centered around healthy hair. With the current pandemic forcing women to care for their hair all their own, we tapped the celebrity stylist for her tips on how to properly shampoo your hair while stimulating growth.

The base of any style or hair care regimen begins with a freshly washed head of hair. Shampooing promotes healthy hair and a healthy scalp by balancing the amount of natural oils, sebum, that accumulate in the hair.

Check out her tips for shampooing, below:

Tip 1.

Choose a shampoo that addresses your hairs individual needs.

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Tip 2.

Shampoo when needed. Cookie cutter cleansing regiments don’t work for everyone Some need to shampoo less while others need to wash more often.

Tip 3.

Shampoo in sections. Friction can increases knotting which can lead to more hair loss when detangling.

Tip 4.

Take your time when shampooing. Cleansing the hair and scalp properly refreshes, removes build up, restores the natural ph balance and it feels really good.

Tip 5.

Rinse thoroughly. Shampoo residue can attribute to product build up over time.


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