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Tokyo Jetz

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Tokyo Jetz was in the middle of a routine wax session when her aesthetician suggested she was pregnant. She eventually took a pregnancy test that would reveal the next chapter of her life. Motherhood.

As one of the baddest female rappers in the game, according to mentor Tip “T.I.” Harris, Tokyo Jetz still carries herself with poise, class, sass and is defining day by day what it means to be a mother in 2020 with the help of her beautiful son, Amir.

The Grand Hustle rap artist born Shauntrell Pender, is intent on proving to the world that she can do everything that comes her way and slay while doing so. Her son Amir was born on Monday, September 16, 2019, the day before Tokyo dropped a heartfelt single and visual dedicated to his birth which received over half a million views on YouTube. When HelloBeautiful asked Tokyo Jetz what motherhood means to her, she simply responded with, “to not only raise a child, but to also protect and put them first.”

Tokyo Jetz reflects on her childhood upbringing with HelloBeautiful and how it has impacted her as a new mother to baby Amir. “I think I was raised off of survival, and yes that’s important, but I learned that kids need love too. Everyday, I make sure Amir receives a lot of love. Of course coming from a low income childhood, naturally Amir has way more than I had growing up, but when I say I make sure to give him tons of love I mean that both emotionally and physically,” she admits to HelloBeautiful. 

Tokyo Jetz

Source: ShotBySed / ShotBySed

As a rapper, an entrepreneur and a brand, Tokyo is taking complete and utter control of her sexuality and showing people on social media that her confidence and sexy style does not define her as a mother. “I think people feel like once a woman has a child, that it’s supposed to place them inside of a box and completely define her; as if it’s against the norm to be multifaceted and wear different hats,” she challenged. “I am in complete control of my life in all aspects. Yes, I’m a new and amazing mom, but I also am a lot of other things that I’m proud of. It’s up to me to decide when and how I would like to show those different roles; it is not up to the public.”

From Fashion Nova shorts down to Gucci shirts and shoes with bundles and lashes for days, the RollingOut cover star knows how to make an entrance in anything she wears, anywhere she goes. However, she prefers a more chill vibe when it’s just her and Amir kickin’ it. “I’m definitely a sweatpants mom for sure,” she told HelloBeautiful. I love to just relax and be comfortable when I’m in pure Mommy mode.” 

Though she likes to keep it cute and cozy, Tokyo speaks out on the shift in fashion amongst Gen Z and millennial moms since the times of Gen X and baby boomers. “Nobody wants to go out in a muumuu dress and be covered head to ankles,” she posed. “We’re a little more provocative I think, but why not show off? Women are now more free to express themselves visually without being judged on their parenting capabilities.” 

She continued, “I believe that there is a stereotype from the older generations that defines what a ‘mother’ should look like,” she continues about the shame placed on today’s young mothers for their style of dress. “But like anything in this life we live, times change and evolve. I think often people forget that each generation was once frowned upon for doing something outside the norm of what the previous generation was accustomed to. It’s time to just let us live!”

As she redefines what it means to be a hip, fashionable young mother, the first lady of Hustle Gang ignores the trolls and puts her happiness first and foremost. “I’m at a point in life where I’m doing what makes Tokyo happy. I can’t completely focus on my son and love [and] care for him properly if I am unhappy internally. It’s important to make sure you are happy and healthy first and that’s all that matters, which is something I spoke about in my debut book – “Mind Over Matter,” discussing mental health issues that I personally deal and have dealt with,” she shares about her recently sold-out book.

When it comes to implementing self-care as a mom, Tokyo knows that her mental health is a priority and does not play when it comes to her emotional and mental wellbeing. “When I have time away from Amir, I love to cook, workout and have a drink or three,” she jokes. Retrospectively, the birth of baby Amir has impacted Tokyo in ways unimaginable in music, business and her budding brand. “I thought I knew what love was before having my son, but now that he is here, this love is so pure and unconditional,” she gushes about her baby boy. “As far as music , it’s made me be a lot more open and comfortable with expressing myself. Overall brand wise, my son has given me much more motivation to accomplish so many things even outside of music, because I want to be able to provide the best life for him.”


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