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Charlotte Wilson

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Budding beauty mogul and Glow Skin Enhancement founder Charlotte Wilson has always had a loving and positive relationship with her skin. “I’ve always felt beautiful and comfortable in my own skin, but I was a bit insecure about the sun damage I experienced in my younger years,” the Arkansas native shares with HelloBeautiful. “I didn’t know the importance of sunscreen and protecting the skin on a daily basis. However, I believe I developed an unconditional love and positive relationship with my own skin when I was about 25-years-old.”

The current Los Angeles resident doesn’t believe that it’s hard for Black women to naturally develop a positive relationship with their skin similar to hers, but it’s all on the skincare routine that makes or breaks us. “I think the most difficult part is finding a great regimen and good quality products. Like with anything, once you find a system that works for you stick with it,” the CEO adds.

As she reminisces on her start in the skincare industry, she thinks back to her days as a young girl wishing of pursuing a dream that would help and inspire others. “At one point in my life, I found myself spiraling downward into a negative space with no foreseeable way out. The feeling of being stuck was paralyzingly indescribable; I had hit rock bottom. I asked myself every day, ‘why me?’” the rising skincare revolutionary questioned about her journey. 

However, I found a way to take that negativity and turn it into a positive one. I tapped into my passion for skincare, and devoted countless years experiencing trial and error in my quest to develop a product that would revolutionize the skincare industry and would equip people with profound confidence,” she told HelloBeautiful. Charlotte then realized that it was God that gifted her with her talents and gave her the spark she needed to transform the skincare industry. 

With her gifts now identified and her drive ready to go full-force, Charlotte shares that her inspiration behind the launch of Glow Skin Enhancement was her desire to own her own business and never have to rely on anyone else. “I was tired of the constant stresses of ‘who will hire me’ or ‘I hope they don’t fire me’. I wanted to be my own boss and hire my own team. However, the main inspiration was when I hit rock bottom in my life. During that time, God revealed to my heart that he blessed me with a special gift to cure and heal any skin issue. I knew then that I had a GOD given talent and responsibility to help people and change lives,” she said

“I want women who use my products to feel beautiful, empowered, and proud of the skin they’re in! I want them to feel amazingly youthful and confident knowing they’re wearing an all-natural flawless radiant glow, all in one, by Glow Skin Enhancement,” Charlotte added about the feeling that she wants Glow Skin Enhancement to give her loyal customers. “Whatever skincare issues they may have, I want them to trust in the process! I’ve told over 20,000 women that: trust the process and it will give you the results you have been looking for.”

Speaking of process, Charlotte is pleased and proud beyond words of the progress that her used-to-be single woman job business into a soon-to-be household name. “When I initially launched the company I was a one-woman show. I did it all by myself. I invested in my company with my own money, I had vision set goals and followed it through. I’ve given samples out and gifted special packages to people in need because I believe in my product. I knew I was able to truly help people when I began treating young children for eczema and changed their lives. I’ve had parents call me crying thanking me for helping their children, and that has been the greatest joy yet,” Charlotte shared of her first steps as an entrepreneur in the beauty business.

Now with a staff of over 20 people, a manager, and a publicist, Charlotte has created the dream team for her business to take it to the next level. Glow Skin Enhancement also manufactures and produces skincare lines and products for Taylor Girlz’s own Ti Taylor, Blac Chyna, and Towanda Braxton’s Ladybug Skin Care. “I’m very proud of how far I have come and with the team, I have now… I know the possibilities of growth are endless!,” Charlotte rejoiced about her success. 

But, wait? Towanda Braxton, as in actress and Braxton Family Values Towanda Braxton? That’s right – Wilson and Braxton were introduced through Wilson’s manager and mutual friend Darrius Hicks. “I knew when he mentioned to her that I wanted to bless her to be the vessel to share Glow Skin Enhancement with her circle. I always looked at Towanda as an underdog [and] she reminds me so much of myself,” Charlotte told HelloBeautiful about her initial thoughts on the partnership.  

“I wanted to help another sister underdog win, and win big. Towanda came up with Ladybug Skin Care and I went into action and brought her skincare line to life. Glow Skin Enhancement manufactures and produces Ladybug Skin Care and it has been a pleasure to partner with Towanda. Her skincare line has been doing great and we’ve received amazing feedback so It’s a blessing,” as she praises her sister-in-skincare.

Though her business is booming, she can’t help but admit that everyone in the beauty industry is deeply impacted by COVID-19 and complimentary stay-at-home orders. When it comes to a skincare regimen for Black women, she says that self-care is the key and stay away from anything and everything that is causing you high volumes of stress. “Stress is evident during these uncertain times, and when we stress mentally, it also affects our skin. Stress can cause wrinkles to form because high amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone, can break down the skin’s collagen and elastin. Research has found that chronic stress can increase inflammation, causing skin aging, and accelerating the formation of wrinkles,” Charlotte recommends. 

For Black women specifically, she also gives a nod to Glow Skin Enhancement’s Women Introduction Package for a great moisturizer, cleanser, toner, serum, and exfoliation night lotion, now available on

Of course, we couldn’t ask Charlotte all of these questions about her products and manufacturing business without talking to her about her beauty secrets. “I use my Toner Perfector Package and Night Serum for my daily regimen. It does a great job, keeping my skin looking refreshed, youthful, and gives my skin that smooth baby bottom glow,” she brags about her products for her personal use. “All of my Glow Skin Enhancement products are my beauty secrets, and I’m letting the world in on it. Let’s GLOW together!”


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