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With his partnership with the Gap officially underway, Kanye West continues to branch out his fashion vision for the masses and live out the dream he’s had since he was an employee at the clothing retail company.

In a recent interview with Cody Enterprise, Yeezus touched on his latest “business enterprise” venture between his Yeezy brand and the decades old clothing brand and revealed his plans to have local production of his line by the end of 2020. While the Gap may seem like an old choice to new school Hip-Hoppers whom seem to gravitate towards more hypebeast brands such as Supreme, Off-White and whatnot, us older heads remember the time when Gap clothing was a hot item in these streets, and Kanye does as well.

“I loved folding clothes at the Gap too, that was an aspirational job for me,” he said. “When everybody in my school was wearing oversized clothes, I was ‘gapped’ out. That was always my style.”

Aside from just creating some clothing that are “outside of space and time,” Kanye also aims to create jobs through Cody with his new partnership and his business director, Matt George said ultimately “many of the positions will be entry-level with highly specialized training provided, to allow for a local workforce that will be heavily sourced for the manufacturing jobs.”

Sounds like a good plan, but time will tell if it actually manifests as intended.

But of course you can’t talk to Yeezus without talking God and in the interview Ye explained the “love” he has for his Monster Lake Ranch property in Wyoming and the motive behind his Sunday Services.

“I stay as obedient to Jesus Christ as a man can be and allow God to use me and do everything I can to not be in the way of the blessings,” West said. “Ways that he can use me – simply, I’m here to be of service and be a servant to Jesus Christ, to my wife and children, to my uncles, aunts and cousins, to my friends, to my community, and you know I got to do it to my country.”

He might’ve reputed his support of Donald Trump but he sure as hell still sounds like hardcore Trump supporters be sounding. Just sayin.’

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