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Before the Wizards and Mystics’ march on Juneteenth from Capital One Arena to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, Bradley Beal explained the symbolism of the closed fist, which is depicted in the new Wizards logo: “We have five fingers. The fist always represents the solidarity of a team,” Beal said as he opened his hand. “Whenever we get selfish and out of our ways, coach always puts up five fingers to show as individuals, there’s no power. The same applies for us in the everyday world,” Beal closed his hand into a fist. Beal continued, “There is power in unity. There is power in strength.”

Washington Wizards Social Justice Shirt

Source: MSE / Monumental Sports & Entertainment

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The Wizards limited edition social justice T-shirts are now for sale with proceeds going to benefit When We All Vote, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization on a mission to increase voter participation in every election. The specialty logo printed on the T-shirt was created for the Wizards’ “Together We Stand” peaceful demonstration held on Juneteenth, to bring attention to police brutality and to encourage greater voter participation. 

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