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On Friday, Cardi B and Megan The Stallion broke the internet with their newest single “WAP.” Without explaining what WAP means, we can expect the ladies (and some of the fellas) to be playing this at ignorant levels at all the social distancing parties. The song is a hit but while the girl power of Meg and Cardi is being celebrated, many believe the video isn’t tasteful and is vulgar.

Some of the song’s detractors point to the lyrics while others will speak on the (un)compromising positions of the women in the video. Some would point to the clothing (or lack thereof) in the video and well let’s just say hate it.

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Of course, there will be some who will point to some of the most raunchy songs and videos of all time. Nelly’s Tip Drill comes to mind along with Luke/2 Live Crew songs that kicked off the debate about censorship. Some will speak about older artists and some of their content. I think we can all agree that while some artists in the past did a great job at being subliminal but in the end, we know what it means when someone’s “nature rises.”

So to continue the debate and groove this weekend, Some Dude presents our SpotifyNasty Playlist.” These songs go back as far as 1935 (yes, it was some freaky folks during the Great Depression, people.) Some might be some joints you remember and others might shock you. The only things we want you to do is listen and groove.

Don’t play these songs around your kids though… just like you shouldn’t play WAP around them either.


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