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Over the weekend Gregory Green was driving down Route 50 near Bowie, Maryland, the way people should drive down a highway… in a car, and noticed a group of teen girls, 15 or 16 years old, in a golf cart in his lane! Green’s parental instincts kicked in and he tried to encourage the girls to think of their safety as huge 18-wheeler trucks zoomed past.

After the teen driver of the golf cart suggest that he gives them a ride or minds his business, Green offers them a ride and just wants to get them to their destination safely. “This is too dangerous,” Green said to the women in the video.

It then looks like the teen in the passenger seat pulls out her pepper spray as a warning, which yes normally you should NOT accept rides from random men but this situation was very different. “This really was very troubling,” Green told wusa9. “On the highway at that very time were huge 18-wheeler trucks. They had no seatbelts on. Nothing.”

Green continues “If you have children, everything becomes a teaching moment after a while… I could clearly see my daughter on this golf cart with these girls because of the pressure from her friends. I hope they understand that taking the advice of your friends is probably not a good idea.”

Green’s daughter uploaded the video recorded by her father on the highway on twitter and it was viewed by millions immediately. The next day someone found a video of the teens explaining on Instagram that they missed their $35 Lyft ride and decided to steal the golf cart from an apartment in Bowie to get back to D.C. Hmmm not sure why another Lyft or even Uber wasn’t ordered instead. Between the 5 girls, I’m sure one of their parents or siblings or family member or friend or teacher or neighbor would have rather repaid for the ride rather than have them do this…

The Bowie Police Department confirmed the incident and said the five teenage girls on the golf cart were later taken into custody after being charged with stealing the golf cart from Alvista Bowie Apartments. We are all glad they didn’t get hurt and hope that they learned from this incident.