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It's a scandal! Beautiful young woman whispers gossip to her friend, who looks shocked

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Awkward moments happen all the time. Sometimes they’re out of our control and other times they’re done on purpose.

For instance while giving someone a hug (whether you know them or not) there’s just certain things that you can’t whisper in the other person’s ear without it being super awkward and creepy. The list below is pretty accurate on a few examples of those statements that shouldn’t be whispered in ones ear. According to the people who made the list, #11 is the creepiest one, do you agree? What other statements should be added?

  1. *Long sniff* “Mmmmm… you smell different when you’re awake”
  2. “Please help me” then smile as if nothing happened.
  3. “Soon.”
  4. “You have lovely skin, I can’t wait to try it on”
  5. “Your hair taste like strawberries”
  6. “Tonight… you”
  7. “Wait…don’t let go just yet”
  8. “Every time I poop,  I think of you”
  9. “I always knew you would die in my arms”
  10. “That’ll do pig”
  11. “He knows, don’t go home”
  12. “No one will ever believe you”
  13. “I bet you didn’t feel me lick your ear”
  14. “I killed Mufasa”
  15. “There are only four layers, or less, of cloth separating us from ecstasy”
  16. “Mother told me it would be like this”

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