Over across the pond in the UK, a zoo has actually hired a full-time Marvin Gaye impersonator to sing in the monkey exhibit as a way of encouraging the primates to have sex during mating season.

Don't call this woman Billie Jean, because she says she is Michael Jackson's lover.  

While giving someone a hug (whether you know them or not) there’s just certain things you can’t whisper in the other person's ear. On this list, #11 might be the creepiest...

The latest discussion that has the timeline in an uproar is a video of a woman pleasuring herself while attending a brunch event in Florida and Twitter is wholly disgusted.

The manager, ignoring the white woman's ranting and raving, casually asked the woman to leave but not before she was called a "monkey" in the process.

The woman says she was suspicious when the man kept asking for the clock to be returned to him "Why is he so concerned in getting that digital radio or digital clock back?" So, that's when she called the police...

The latest instance of quarantine boredom struck as a woman has gone viral for posting that she applied Gorilla Glue to her scalp in order to keep her hairstyle in place, and will likely have to rock that look forever.

If you thought that 2021 will start without anything involving Azealia Banks, you were wrong. The rapper has once again caught attention for all the wrong reasons on social media and is trending for her most disturbing move yet. From Uproxx: The “212” rapper, who has been more well-known in recent years for her feuds with […]

Unfortunately for Payton she was spotted dipping under a set of ropes at the boarding door near the ticket gate at Terminal 3 around 7:45 a.m. on Sunday morning.