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Beauties, how many times have you heard that you “must be mixed with something” because you’re “too pretty to be all Black?” If we had a dollar for every time someone said that then we’d be a millionaire! But let’s be clear, that comment is in no way, shape, or form a compliment because while the person who said it might be trying to show their admiration for your beauty, they are actually putting other Black women down in the same breath by basically saying that there’s no way a woman who is all Black can be that beautiful.

Sports journalist Taylor Rooks experienced just that recently on social media when a fan commented took to Twitter to give the broadcaster what he thought was a compliment. “No way Taylor Rooks [is] fully black she got to be mixed with something,” the now-deleted tweet read, to which Taylor responded, “what a weirdo thing to say. I am black af. Just to be clear. And I want you to attribute anything that you like about me to me being black af.”

Check out the exchange below.

Many of Taylor’s fans, especially Black women, came to her defense and supported the 29-year-old and her tweet which seemingly caused the original tweeter to remove the message.

People say the craziest things. Especially to black women,” one follower wrote.

While another gave her back the crown she dropped, writing, “here is your crown Queen.” 

Another Twitter user wrote, “Way to set him straight for questioning your blackness.”

While another said, “I KNOW THAT’S RIGHT, SIS!!!”

We can’t believe that we’re still having these conversations about the beauty of Black women in 2021, but here we are. Kudos to Taylor Rooks for clapping back and representing her Blackness at the same time. A true Queen!

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