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Country Music Television (CMT) recently made the decision to cease airing Jason Aldean’s music video “Try That In A Small Town” due to mounting criticism following its release. The song sparked controversy, with many perceiving it as being in favor of gun violence and promoting lynching. The video’s scenes shot at a historically significant location further intensified the backlash. As the debate raged on social media, both critics and Aldean himself weighed in on the interpretation and intentions behind the song’s message. Let’s delve deeper into the controversy surrounding “Try That In A Small Town.”

Jason Aldean initially released the song “Try That In A Small Town” in May, but he launched the accompanying music video on a later date to promote the single and generate excitement for his forthcoming album. In a statement associated with the video release, Aldean explained the inspiration behind the song, recalling the sense of community and solidarity that small towns used to embody, expressing hope that the video would resonate with fans longing for that feeling again.

After the music video’s debut, numerous individuals took to social media to voice their concerns and criticisms. Shannon Watts, the founder of the gun violence advocacy group Moms Demand Action, raised alarms over the song’s lyrics, interpreting them as promoting violence and racism. Singer Sheryl Crow, who hails from a small town herself, expressed her disappointment with the video, calling it un-American and not reflective of the spirit of small towns.

Tennessee state Representative Justin Jones condemned the song’s violent themes and called for responsible gun laws to protect communities. The controversy even extended to accusations that Aldean was unsupportive of the Black Lives Matter movement, a claim he vehemently denied.

In response to the growing controversy, Jason Aldean defended his song, stating that it has been misinterpreted. He emphasized that “Try That In A Small Town” does not reference race in any way, and the video comprises real news footage, not staged violence. Aldean asserted that the song’s true message centers around the desire for a return to a sense of community and unity, where people care for one another regardless of differences.

Critics also pointed out that the video was shot at the Maury County Courthouse in Tennessee, a place historically associated with the lynching of a Black man named Henry Choate in 1927 and the Columbia Race Riot in 1946. The production company, TackleBox, clarified that Aldean was not responsible for selecting the location and defended its popularity as a filming spot for various projects over the years.

Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany, took to Instagram to support her husband. She urged him not to apologize for speaking the truth and shared an image of the couple.


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