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Her Dream Deferred

Source: African American Policy Forum / Instagram

Since 2015, the African American Policy Forum (AAPF) has been organizing Her Dream Deferred to elevate the stories and perspectives of Black women and girls across the U.S. The annual event features a variety of activities including panels, artistic performances, workshops and lectures. iOne’s Vice President of Content, Kirsten West Savali, will be a moderator and speaker on one of the panels.

This year, attendees will meet in person and virtually to hear insightful discussions about the unique challenges confronting Black women and girls. Throughout the event, the AAPF’s esteemed group of panelists will shed light on several issues impacting the lives of Black women and young girls day-to-day such as politics, racial equity, reproductive justice, the erasure of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs (DEI) and more. Her Dream Deferred will run from March 25 to March 29.

In honor of Her Dream Deferred’s 10th anniversary, the AAPF will also release a new fact sheet on the “Status of Black Women in 2024,” that focuses on political representation, state and private violence, education, reproductive justice and issues facing youth.

“The disregard of Black women and girls’ isn’t just the outcome of racism or sexism — it’s a part of a larger, coordinated assault on civil rights and democracy,” said Kimberlé Crenshaw, the co-founder and the executive director of the AAPF in a press release sent to NewsOne.

“Black women have become the most visible targets of the war on ‘woke’ that has unleashed a fury of attacks against anti-racism in various industries. From the questioning of Black women’s knowledge and leadership in academia to the dismantling of DEI positions held by Black women at corporations — Black women have been targeted, silenced and displaced. Her Dream Deferred is a rallying call to acknowledge these injustices, center Black women’s stories, and recognize when Black women’s production of concepts, words and advocacy have been weaponized to curtail our rights. Black women and girls must be more than afterthoughts as we elevate the urgent need to protect our multiracial democracy.”


 iOne’s Vice President of Content, Kirsten West Savali, will be a speaker and moderator at the Under the Blacklight virtual panel on March 27 at 8 p.m.

On Wednesday, join the AAPF for an exclusive episode of Her Dream Deferred Under the Blacklight: In the Crosshairs of the Counteraction: Black Women Defending Themselves. Moderated by Savali, the virtual panel will examine how the anti-woke movement negatively impacts Black women.

While the anti-woke backlash permeated by right-wing leaders like former president Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has affected various communities, it’s clear that Black women are often primary targets. This distressing pattern is evident in attacks on the intellectual integrity of Black women, the recent legal actions against the Fearless Fund, a Black women-led venture capital firm that invests in women of color-led businesses needing financial support, and the rapid erasure of high-profile DEI roles held by Black women across media and entertainment.

Savali will join Karen Attiah, Jeanell English, Janel George, Katrina Gipson and Diana Greene to discuss efforts to raise awareness about the vulnerability of Black women in the war on anti-woke and what we can do to mobilize and strategize to protect Black women.

Secure your spot now for this online event here, and use the hashtag #HerDreamDeferred #HDD2024 to spread the word!

Check out a list of several other events happening this week for the 10th anniversary of Her Dream Deferred below.

Monday, March | 8:00 p.m. ET broadcast

Ida B. Wells Symposium: VISION: America’s Tug of War for Racial Equality Broadcast: AAPF opens “Her Dream Deferred” at the Ida B. Wells Symposium at Columbia University’s School of Journalism with a panel discussion — VISION: America’s Tug of War for Racial Equality. The panel is moderated by Errin Haines, Editor At Large at The 19th News and will include a conversation with Kimberlé Crenshaw, AAPF Executive Director and Nikole Hannah-Jones, journalist and author of The 1619 Project. The African American Policy Forum will provide free banned books at the Ida B. Wells Symposium throughout the day and broadcast the panel at 8 p.m. ET.

Tuesday, March 26 | 8:00 p.m. ET

#SayHerName: An Artivism & Advocacy Book Club: AAPF and the #SayHerName Mothers Network will host a special screening of an excerpt from the #SayHerName book tour stop at the Free Library of Philadelphia, followed by a live artivism and advocacy conversation to be moderated by AAPF Artist-in-Residence, Abby Dobson. The conversation will feature select members of the #SayHerName Mothers Network as well as actors Rosalyn Coleman and Kim Yancey, artivists, and advocates who have joined the #SayHerName book tour.

Wednesday, March 27 | 8:00 p.m. ET

In the Bullseye of the Backlash: AAPF will broadcast an episode of the popular series, Under The Blacklight, “In the Bullseye of the Backlash: Black Women in Defense of Themselves.” This panel will be moderated by Vice President of Content for iOne Digital Media Kirsten West Savali, who will be in conversation with Karen Attiah, Jeanell English, Janel George, Katrina Gipson and Diana Greene to discuss the historical efforts Black women have always taken to defend themselves and their communities.

Thursday, March 28 | 6:00 p.m. ET

You Carry the Dream: Reclaiming Rest & Resilience: AAPF will continue with its signature self-care event in NYC. In this special convening, AAPF will bring together a group of Black women wellness experts, Jasmine Bowie, Abby Dobson, Anana Harris Parris, Gina Loring, Shawna Murray Browne and Imani Samuels, to help Black women learn how to reclaim rest and garner new tools to collectively foster resilience.

Friday, March 29 | 10:30 a.m. ET

Youth Leadership Summit: Her Dream Deferred will close with the Youth Leadership Summit: Girls & Women Reading and Leading Through Resistance. This program is a day of research, artivism and fellowship for the next generation of feminist activists, scholars and leaders. The workshop leaders and discussants include AAPF Artists in Residence Abby Dobson, Gina Loring and Dina Wright Joseph; author of American Street and Black Enough, Ibi Zoboi; and AAPF Young Scholars Program researchers. Youth Leadership Summit participants will also be invited to a private screening and talk-back of the 2024 Sundance Award-winning film, Daughters.


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