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There definitely is two different approaches that woman and men take towards each other when dating. One, is to actually get to know each other and establish a friendship before dating. While the other is two be friends and get to know each other on a more sensual level at the same time, better known […]

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network had its biggest night ever with Oprah’s interview with Whitney Houston’s family. Find out how she did inside….

Basketball Wives” star Kenya Bell is finding out … a marriage just can’t hold up when you attack your husband with a box cutter — because the guy just filed for divorce.

Evelyn Lozada and her fiance Chad Ochocinco (or Chad Johnson, depending on who you ask) have signed on for their own “Basketball Wives” spinoff series, and VH1 is reportedly paying them a hefty sum to make it happen.

Last night Jennifer Hudson had the honor of paying homage to the late great Whitney Houston by singing one of her most famed records ” I Will Always Love You” at this year’s Grammy Awards. For having only less than 24 hours to rehearse Jennifer Hudson did very well! Houston gave Jennifer Hudson her first […]

Adele took home multiple Grammy’s last night as her album ’21’ won big time! Check out the other winners from last night’s show below. Album of The Year- 21, Adele Record of the Year: “Rolling in the Deep,” Adele Song of the Year: “Rolling in the Deep,” Adele Adkins & Paul Epworth New Artist: Bon […]

As we all know, Whitney Houston passed away this weekend at the age of 48 on Saturday afternoon. The reason behind her death is still unknown but TMZ has released an update on the status of Houston’s autopsy. TMZ Reports: The autopsy of Whitney Houston revealed she did have water in her lungs when she died, […]

Halle Berry is planning to take her family over to Europe, France to be exact. However, her baby’s father, Aubrey Gabriel, is making is much more difficult for Halle to try and move. TMZ reports: Halle Berry is asking the judge in her custody war for permission to move to France with Nahla — and […]

Beyonce and Jay-Z have already filed an application with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office to trademark their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter’s, name. The couple is planning to protect the baby’s name so that they themselves can use it as a brand name for future business endeavors. The couple had to move quickly with the […]

The 2012 Grammy Nominee Kelly Rowland, stopped by Chelsea Lately to talk about her nomination and also the new man that she has in her life. Chelsea Lately picked up on Rowland’s blushing face quickly and digged for the juicy gossip about Rowland’s new beau. </iframeaa</p>

Valentine’s day is right around the corner (next Tuesday) and while many may have a Valentine there are still some that do not. Check out some tips to take note of to try and land yourself a Valentine before Valentine’s day! via Vibevixen.com 1. Do Things Alone – It’s hard for men to get a […]

No you won’t see them actually performing together but both Chris Brown and Rihanna will be preforming on the same stage come Sunday night for the Grammy’s. It’s been three years since Chris Brown has preformed or even been at the Grammy’s so his return is much anticipated. Rihanna will be preforming a new collaborated […]