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1. Jazz Lewis

Jazz Lewis Source:Jazz Lewis

Jazz Lewis is a committed Prince Georgian who lives in Springdale with his wife Aurin. Jazz is an alumnus of the University of Maryland, graduating in 2011 with a Bachelors in Government and Politics and in 2014 with a Masters of Public Policy. After graduating, Jazz joined the Good Jobs Better Baltimore Campaign as a Community Organizer in Baltimore.

2. Ashley “Epiphany” Jones

Ashley "Epiphany" Hodges Source:Ashley "Epiphany" Hodges

Ashley is a community servant working to create opportunities for youth through the creative arts, specifically with two programs she hosts through her business.

3. Thomas Anderson III

Thomas Anderson III Source:Thomas Anderson III

4. Leslie Hall

Leslie Hall Source:Leslie Hall

5. L. Wesley Weston

L. Wesley Weston Source:L. Wesley Weston

6. Kelsey Nicole Nelson

Kelsey Nicole Nelson Source:Kelsey Nicole Nelson

7. Ebony Andrews

Ebony Andrews Source:Ebony Andrews

8. Dana J Loatman

Dana J Loatman Source:Dana J Loatman

9. Yasmine Arrington

Yasmine Arrington Source:Yasmine Arrington

10. Markus Batchelor

Markus Batchelor Source:Markus Batchelor

11. Simone Gillon-Wright, M.S

Simone Gillon-Wright, M.S Source:Simone Gillon-Wright, M.S

12. Tyrell Holcomb

Tyrell Holcomb Source:Tyrell Holcomb

13. John Pannell

John Pannell Source:John Pannell

14. Jayna White MSW, LGSW

Jayna White Source:Jayna White

15. Keith Holland

Keith Holland Source:Keith Holland

16. Sharece Crawford

Sharece Crawford Source:Sharece Crawford

17. Cedric Dailey

Cedric Daley Source:Cedric Daley

18. Marques Dyer

Marques Dyer Source:Marques Dyer

19. Rashe Coleman

Rashe Coleman Source:Rashe Coleman

Sr. Financial Analyst – Johns Hopkins
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

20. Halima Adenegan, Esq.

Halima Adenegan, Esq Source:Halima Adenegan, Esq

Imara Roose Inc.

21. Milea Pickett

Milea Pickett Source:Milea Pickett

22. Rheana Frazier

Rheana Frazier Source:Rheana Frazier

23. Keenan France

Keenan France Source:Keenan France

24. Carlyn Fingers

Carlyn Fingers Source:Carlyn Fingers

25. Amber Carter

Amber Carter Source:Amber Carter


26. Jazelle Merritt

Jazelle Merritt Source:Jazelle Merritt


27. Ashanti Martinez

Ashanti Martinez Source:Ashanti Martinez


28. Xavier Epps

Xavier Epps Source:Xavier Epps

29. M.J. Crawford

M.J. Crawford Source:M.J. Crawford


30. Christian J. Bonner

Christian J. Bonner Source:Christian J. Bonner