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"Candace" Hosted By Candace Owens

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Whenever Candace Owens is trending on Twitter, you can put money on it being due to one of her frothing-at-the-mouth conservative talking points or generally being loud and wrong. Not only did the controversial pundit blasted Naomi Osaka for withdrawing from the French Open but then flipping it into support, she also got herself in a twist over the non-issue of Vice President Kamala Harris wishing Americans a good weekend among other gaffes.

When it comes to Owens, you can literally pick and choose which zany tweet of the day to zero in on, so trying to determine why she’s trending on Twitter this time has been a bit of a struggle. Some could point to the fact that she had words for Osaka, calling the tennis star a “special snowflake” for pulling out of the tournament despite clearly saying she’s struggling. Using the tired trope that Osaka makes a lot of money playing a sport, Owens all but denied Osaka her humanity at that moment.

Owens walked back the statement and erased the initial tweet but the Internet is forever and folks have been pointing out her hypocrisy after she then shared a tweet in support of Osaka.

Another exchange on Twitter occurred after Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who reportedly assassinated President John F. Kennedy, was trending on Memorial Day with some posting a photo of Oswald in his military garb. It appeared that Owens was unaware that Oswald was a member of the Marines and tried to shout down folks on Twitter for sharing images that she assumed were doctored.

As it stands, Candace Owens got caught out there wearing clown shoes again and we’ve got the reactions from Twitter listed out below.

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