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Elon Musk, a.k.a. bootleg Phony Stark, isn’t done with dumb ideas. The Tesla chief now wants to compete with Google’s popular email client, Gmail, with a new product called XMail.

Musk seems to have a serious one-sided beef with Google, and we wonder if the folks there know about it. First, he drops his version of ChatGPT called “Grok.”

He has also been calling out the Alpahabet Inc. owned company’s search tool, calling its AI tool Gemini “insane” and “racist.” He claims he spoke with a “senior exec” who assured him the company will “take immediate action to fix the racial and gender bias in Gemini.”

Now, he claims he is dropping his own email client called XMail.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, Musk revealed “it’s coming” when replying to X Engineer Nate McGrady asking, “When are we making XMail?”

We all know Musk is full of you-know-what and tends to make outlandish claims all the time, but he could be serious about this XMail thing.

If he thinks he will be able to compete with Google’s Gmail immediately, he’s definitely going to have some serious work cut out for him.

Demand Sage claims that Gmail currently has 1.8 billion active users globally, and we don’t see XMail coming anywhere near that.

Yeah, so good luck with peeling off longtime Gmail users and luring them to “XMail” if he decides to create it.

We truly believe Elon Musk is just talking out the side of his a** like he does with everything else.

You can see more reactions to the possibitly of XMail arriving in the gallery below.

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