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Grand Marnier x 2 Chainz

Source: Courtesy / Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier, an exceptional blend of cognac and orange liqueur – has teamed up with multi-Grammy award-winning hip hop artist and entrepreneur 2 Chainz ahead of Cinco de Mayo to introduce The Rouge Room, a digital content series celebrating the power of unexpected collaborations.

At its core, Grand Marnier celebrates Grand Encounters, born out of a proprietary blend of cognac and orange liqueur. The Rouge Room acts as a consistent visual space where the brand can bring to life contemporary Grand Encounters year over year.

More than simply a vibrant, French-inspired creative treatment, the space serves as a starting point for storytelling and content— a Grand Marnier home where something grand is always on the horizon. By inviting different collaborators to the same space, Grand Marnier will charge The Rogue Room with cultural relevance and an expectation of Grand Encounters that are soon to become as iconic as the brand itself. Keep an eye on this space for more.

In the inaugural iteration of The Rouge Room, Grand Marnier and 2 Chainz joined forces blending two distinct worlds, united by a mutual dedication to creativity and passion. Renowned as one of the most prolific collaborators in the music industry, 2 Chainz embodies the very essence of a Grand Encounter. His exceptional talent seamlessly enhances the work of his partners, resulting in a harmonious fusion of creativity and artistry.

“I’ve always been a margarita fan, but I found the secret ingredient that makes the classic even better: Grand Marnier,” said 2 Chainz. “I tried a Grand Marnier Quintessence margarita a few years back on my show ‘Most Expensivest’ and let me tell you that blend of cognac and orange is pure magic. It’s a whole vibe upgrade for your margarita and drink style.”

Grand Marnier x 2 Chainz

Source: Courtesy / Grand Marnier

In The Rouge Room, 2 Chainz takes center stage, showcasing how the blend of Grand Marnier’s key ingredients can elevate the classic margarita to new heights for Cinco de Mayo and beyond. Filmed completely immersed in rich hues of Grand Marnier red, featuring a distinct texture and pattern reminiscent of a photographic cyc, with hints of liquid-like patterning and marbling infused throughout brings the essence of the Grand Encounter to life through a vibrant setting mirroring the interior of a Grand Marnier bottle.

“Teaming up with 2 Chainz for the launch of The Rouge Room content series allows us to forge deeper connections with consumers seeking new ways to savor and sip Grand Marnier,” said Andrea Sengara, Vice President of Marketing for Campari America. “This series not only highlights the blend of fine cognac and orange liqueur, but also invites consumers to reimagine their cocktail experience, from elevating the classic margarita to sparking inspiration and discovering their own unique ways of enjoying Grand Marnier.”

The creative was captured by director Ray Neutron, an Atlanta native, known for his inquisitive storytelling in both video and photography to create a timeless and cinematic final product. The work was complemented by visuals from Breyona Holt, another Atlanta-born photographer renowned for her unique approach who has earned recognition in the music industry producing cover art for various artists including SZA and Normani. While 2 Chainz’s bold look—a custom rouge suit—was curated by stylist Erik Ziemba, a true master of his craft whose extraordinary talent, unwavering passion, and commitment to making a difference have made him one of the industries brightest, collaborating with music icons including Beyoncé and Lil Kim to name a few. Together this blending of creatives from diverse backgrounds built a Grand Encounter in itself, to produce content that truly speaks to how Grand Marnier enhances the cocktail experience.

The content series features a variety of video and photo stills illustrating the Grand Encounter between cognac and orange liqueur, rolling out across digital and social channels this week (April 29th) through September. The unexpected encounters that define Grand Marnier will also come to life across the US for consumers 21+ as part of the brand’s ‘Encounters on Road’ event series and dedicated presence at the 2024 Roots Picnic, one of the summer’s most highly anticipated festivals, on June 1st and 2nd in Philadelphia.

To check out The Rouge Room content series with 2 Chainz and see how Grand Marnier can elevate your margarita this Cinco de Mayo and beyond, head to @grandmarnierusa. Check out the photos and video from the Grand Encounter below!

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1. The Grand Margarita

The Grand Margarita Source:2 Chainz

2. The Collab We Didn’t Know We Needed

The Collab We Didn't Know We Needed Source:Grand Marnier

3. The Details >

The Details > Source:Grand Marnier

4. Toast Up

Toast Up Source:Grand Marnier

5. Too Player

Too Player Source:Grand Marnier