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Rapper Bubba Sparxxx is photographed at Times Square on 10/16/2001.

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A debate kicked off on Twitter earlier this week when a Twitter user posed the question of how Paul Wall and Bubba Sparxxx found Hip-Hop success among Black fans of the music. As the person swiftly realized, Wall and Sparxxx earned their place in the culture the right way and Twitter fans gathered to defend the pair.

Miss Kam, who herself is a talented musician out of Baltimore, Md., asked the question on Tuesday (July 27) that had the timeline wondering why she attempted to check the popular white rappers.

[I] wanna kno what was it about the social climate that made Bubba Sparxxx n Paul Wall acceptable back in the day lol cause that sh*t would NOT fly in 2021 lol,” Miss Kam wrote. To Miss Kam’s credit, it’s possible that Sparxxx and Wall would have to contend with a very crowded marketplace of artists who have arguably improved the style of music they can and perhaps with a different and undoubtedly authentically Black flair. However, Wall has a number of classic records and verses, including “Sittin’ Sidewayz” among them.

Bubba Sparxxx, while not as big a name as Wall, came into the game 20 years ago and his debut album Dark Days, Bright Nights went gold in an era where that was a huge accomplishment for a Hip-Hop record. While he never notched a big-selling project since then, Sparxxx’s work with Timbaland and later working alongside Yelawolf on the rapper’s Slumerican important proved that he had fans within and outside the industry.

While Sparxxx hasn’t dropped a project since 2018, he’s reportedly still signed with Slumerican. Of the pair, Sparxxx has less support but there are many who claim that he wasn’t cosplaying as a rapper, unlike that one popular white crooner who sings over trap drums.

Wall has been more active, dropping three albums in 2020 and appearing on Yelawolf and RiFF RaFF’s Turquoise Tornado project.

Now that we got that history lesson out of the way, check out the reactions from Twitter below.

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