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What a year, what a year.

The time has come again for our Messiest Moments of Social Media recap. Here you’ll find the biggest scandals, fights, breakups and breakdowns from over the past 12 months. There’ll be some that will ring a bell, a few that may have gone under your radar and others that’ll have you saying, “Wait — that happened this year?”

Thanks to Kanye WestDaBabyAntonio BrownDiddyNicki Minaj, and all the others who helped make 2022 especially eventful. Scroll below for the list and we’ll see y’all for more antics at the top of 2023.

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1. 50 Cent’s Gets Clowned at Super Bowl For Weight Gain

50 kicked off the top of 2022 in a big way: Joining Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige and Eminem during one of the most Hip-Hop Halftime shows ever. However, the social media streets ran wild when, Fif brought back the feeling of his iconic “In The Club” video, complete with the snug wife-beater. Problem was, Father Time packed a few pounds onto the music mogul and the moment quickly became a meme.

2. The Slap Heard ‘Round The World

No one saw it coming. Not even Chris Rock when, during the Oscars, Will Smith calmly walked onstage and bestowed upon the legendary comedian a Slap Heard ‘Round The World. Since then, Will has cried, apologized and done the work to learn and grow from the situation. Chris is still doing comedy and remains a favorite for fans worldwide, but this moment may go down in history as one of the most jaw-dropping moments in the history of live television.

3. Steak Shortage Leads to Customer Brawl at Golden Corral

In February a 40-person buffet brawl went down in Pennsylvania after Golden Corral ran low on their delicious steak. Video from the scene shows dozens of diners throwing furniture and slamming high chairs in an all-out rumble.

“The social media videos depict the chaos of the scene at the time and most individuals were gone upon police arrival,” Sgt. Glenn Vandegrift from the Bensalem Township Police Department said. “Thankfully, there were no serious injuries resulting from the fight that we are aware of. Only a few, minor injuries were sustained.”

4. DaBaby’s Bowling Alley Brawl

While out on the West Coast, DaBaby got into it with Brandon Bills, the brother of singer Danileigh. The singer and rapper share a child together and it seems like Bills wasn’t too pleased with the way Baby’s been handling his sibling. The confrontation resulted in a viral vid of Baby & Friends running Bills up and down the bowling alley. Shortly after the incident, Baby claimed self-defense, saying that Bills was “running around threatening people.”


5. Kanye (Falsely) Tells People Pete Davidson Has AIDS

Yes, Ye’s back on the list. And considering the year he’s had he may appear once again. In this instance, we’re taking you back to the time Kanye was allegedly running around Hollywood  spreading the false reports that Pete Davidson, who was dating his wife at the time, had AIDS. Luckily Pete took it all in stride and even used the incident for material.

6. Lil Duval Gets Hit By A Car

Over the Summer comedian and social personality Lil Duval was flown to a hospital in The Bahamas for a broken hip and other injuries. 

“Somebody hit me in they car while i was on my 4 wheeler. Now my leg broke and i gotta get flown over to nassau and have surgery,” Duval captioned the video before clarifying in a separate post that he suffered a broken hip in the accident, not a broken leg.

Ouch – be careful Duval. The accident had him in a wheelchair for a while but fortunately he’s much better now and is back to cracking jocks on Twitter.

7. Ne-Yo And Crystal Renay

Crystal Renay has been married to NE-YO since 2016, and the pair share three children, but after public accusations of cheating, Renay filed for divorce earlier this year, saying the pair’s marriage is “irretrievably broken with no hope for reconciliation.” Hate to see it.

8. Keyshia Cole And Antonio Brown

Cole and Antonio collabed on a track for Brown’s rap album earlier this year but there also seemed to be a genuine romance brewing between the pair. Enough of a romance that Cole had what appeared to be a tattoo of Brown’s initials on her lower back. But the video Brown posted of Cole’s tattoo came with a message that hinted he was still in these streets.

“You Ain’t Pimpin Until You Hit An RnB Diva. #FreeAgent #KeepPimpin.”



Days after Brown shared a now-deleted video on Instagram showing off what appeared to be a lower back tattoo of his initials on the R&B singer, she went on Instagram and cleared the air.


Alongside the video featuring the lower back tattoo, Brown, 33, wrote the caption, “You Ain’t Pimpin Until You Hit An RnB Diva. #FreeAgent #KeepPimpin.”

9. Yung Joc Want his 18 HUNNIT BACK!

Joc made a costly mistake this year, and he leaned on his IG followers to help him retrieve the $1,800 he sent to the wrong person on Zelle.

“So I sent them a Zelle by mistake and they won’t return my money,” Joc notes in the caption. “Can y’all please call/text them and ask them to return my lil change?”

Joc shared a screenshot of the text conversation of him copping pleas with the individual with Gangsta Boo’s song “Where Dem Dollas At” as the soundtrack begging them to “please do the right thing.”

“God has a bigger blessing for you,” he added, trying to appeal to the individual, implying good karma will come back to them, but to no avail; the person still didn’t respond.

10. Kelis Comes for Beyonce

Kelis has taken issue with Chad and Pharrell of The Neptunes over the years, so when their work on “Energy” from Beyonce’s Renaissance album used an interpolation of her record “Milkshake,” Kelis once again rolled up her sleeves and expressed her frustration online. But throwing shots anywhere near Beyonce’s direction comes with consequences, and the Beyhive quickly launched an all-out social media assault on social media. Fortunately, the situation eventually died down and Bey removed the “Milkshake” interpolation from the record.

11. Ginuwine’s Pony Has Seen Its Last Ride

He’s just a bachelor lookin’ for a partner…but what he found were thousands of remixes to this dance move that quickly became its own challenge online. Gotta love Ginuwine – he took it all in stride and can be seen doing these same moves in newer videos. Now that’s how you handle a roast.

12. Irv Gotti Still Ain’t Over Ashanti

Murder Inc’s run may have ended nearly two decades ago, but Irv Gotti still feels away about a lot of things regarding Ashanti. Specifically, her choice to distance herself from the label and her former romance with Nelly. During a memorable “Drink Champs” episode, Irv couldn’t help bringing up old Ashanti memories… even when no one asked. 

13. Maxwell Thee Stallion

The Twitter streets are correct: Maxwell has NO song where this dance is needed. The worst part of this viral moment is that some people didn’t know this was Maxwell and thought it was one of our favorite people – the always wonderful Tabitha Brown. 

14. Drake Takes a Shot at Megan Thee Stallion?

Drake and 21 Savage released their Her Loss collaborative album November 4 and one bar, or rather a series of bars alluding to Megan Thee Stallion, prompted the three-time Grammy Award winner to respond on Twitter. nOn “Circo Loco,” Drake raps, “This b*tch lie ’bout getting shots but she still a stallion/She don’t even get the joke, but she still smiling” and then later raps, “Shorty say she graduated, she ain’t learn enough/Play your album, track onе, ’kay, I heard enough.”

While the bar is referencing ass shots, it is also considered a double entendre alluding to Megan’s now highly publicized 2020 shooting allegedly by Tory Lanez. Megan sent a series of tweets nearly immediately after the song dropped and didn’t hold back.

“I know I’m very popular but y’all gotta stop attaching weak ass conspiracy theories in bars to my name lol,” she began. “N*ggas nor hoes EVER address me or @ me WITH a fact or receipts. I AM CLOUT B*TCH keep sucking my p*ssy.”

15. Nia Long Got Done Wrong

Nia Long Got Done Wrong Source:Getty

Sending unlimited healing energy Nia Long’s way. Wow, what a year. The story began months ago when it was unearthed that Ima Udoka had engaged in consensual relationships with another staff member of the Boston Celtics. While many saw it as a simple moral dilemma because he’s engaged to Nia Long, details leaked that the female staffer began getting unwanted advances from Udoka. Ime Udoka later apologized, and while he wasn’t fired from his head coaching position, he will be suspended until June 30, 2023. This all played out in public in real time – with the latest word being that Nia has decided to end the relationship. 

16. Diddy Almost Gets Into Streetfight Dressed As The Joker

No one loves to party more than Puff, but over the weekend fun times almost turned to fisticuffs during a run-in with actor Michael J. Ferguson, known to many as 2-Bit from the popular series “Power.” Diddy was in full Joker mode Halloween Weekend, running the streets of Los Angeles dressed as Batman’s greatest foe. Of course he never rolls solo, so in true villain style he had a crew of “henchmen” alongside him, each wearing clown masks in keeping with the theme. Things seemed to be going smooth, as photos and videos of Puff around the city began hitting the web. But when Puff ran into Ferguson things took a strange turn, as the men were captured on film during a heated exchange.

17. Herschel Walker Wants To Be A Werewolf

Even if you’re not from Georgia, the saga of Herschel Walker was a spectacle to behold. The campaign’s over now but who could forget this viral moment when, during a political speech, Walker introduced a point clearly on the minds of local voters: Werewolves are cooler than vampires.

18. Nicki Minaj vs Latto

Latto became a huge trending topic in November after a whopping 130 of her unreleased songs leaked online. But there’s more: Reference tracks including BIA’s “Whole Lotta Money,” as well as  Coi Leray’s “Blick Blick,” also landed online. Because of Latto’s recent feud with Nicki Minaj, there were rumors that the leak was orchestrated by Nicki, a conspiracy that even Latto herself has hinted at.

19. Robbers Try The Wrong Ones in ATL

The woman in the video sensed something fishy was going on after sounds of feet quickly stomping down the stairs came closer. Though off-camera, you can here multiple shots being fired as a pair of would-be robbers flee the scene. 

20. “Good Morning Entanglement”

"Good Morning Entanglement" Source:Getty

Workplace flings can be tricky, especially if you’re frolicking around The Big Apple alongside a face that millions of Americans see every. single. day. 

Throw in a couple of marriages, season it with a private detective and sprinkle in a few undeniable photos and you have one of the biggest cheating scandals of 2022. Even if you don’t tune into Good Morning America, it was hard to ignore the Curious Case of TJ Holmes and Amy Robach. Since news broke of their extra-marital affair, it’s also been revealed that Holmes had a separate fling with yet another coworker. 

Both Holmes and Robach have been take off air until further notice. Yikes.

21. Kanye Says “Eff Everybody,” ESPECIALLY CHRIS PAUL

Kanye Says "Eff Everybody," ESPECIALLY CHRIS PAUL Source:Youtube

Yeezy definitely wins Twitter Troll of the Year. He’s been banned, unbanned and banned again by his one-pal Elon Musk, fired off a series of attacks corporations like Nike, Louis Vuitton and GAP and most recently, he decided to drag (married) NBA Star Chris Paul into the mix. Just before being suspended from Twitter, Ye posted a picture of Paul with the caption, “I caught this guy with Kim.”

22. Boosie Claps Back At An Old Clip From Gabby

An old clap back from Gabrielle Union on Jemele Hill’s Unbothered podcast made its rounds on social media again and has suddenly caught the attention of rapper Lil Boosie, and he has a lot to say about it. We all know how opinionated Lil Boosie has been when it comes to homosexuality and his views on Dwayne Wade, Gabrielle Union, and their daughter Zaya Wade. He felt as though because Zaya is a minor, she should be exposed or allowed to make certain decisions about her body in relation to trans-rights and dressing in a way that she feels comfortable. Check out what Boosie had to say to Gabby’s old vid clip here.