. 24 hours before the election, 35.4 million people voted in person, and 61.2 million citizens cast their ballots by mail, according to the U.S Elections Project.

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The infamous *NSYNC member, Justin Timberlake, sets a well needed thirst trap Thursday (Oct. 22). The singer posted a shirtless picture on Instagram, at the prime age of 19, using this image to spread an important message for this upcoming election.

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Before Trump got elected many Americans thought that in order to be President of the United States, you needed to have tons of political experience. Well now we know that millions of Americans will still vote for you despite lacking several years of a political background. This development is apparently what has caused Oprah Winfrey […]

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The reality of the outcome of the recent presidential election has left many Americans feeling hopeless, helpless and disenfranchised, but that hasn’t stopped them from looking forward to the 2020 election. Social media was ablaze today with urging and pleas for current FLOTUS Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020. In fact during Hillary […]