Congratulations are in order for Queen Bey’s little sister, Solange Knowles! On Friday, February 28, 2020, Solange was honored at the Lena Horne Prize ceremony at The Town Hall in New York City as the very first honoree in history! The Lena Horne Prize is awarded to music artists of today who are creating […]

The Bey-hive and fans of the Knowles sisters got a surprise treat on their timeline on Tuesday.

In the hour conversation the ladies talk about the inspiration for Solange's fourth-studio album, her visuals, teenage love and thoughts on critics. “Now, I don’t want to bite the hand that’ll show me the other side,” Solange sings in the second verse of A Seat at the Table‘s Don’t You Wait. “But I didn’t want to build the land that has fed you your whole life, no. Don’t you find it funny?” The lyrics call back to a New York Times […]

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Ever since it was released at the end of September, Solange Knowles’ album A Seat at the Table has inspired and thrilled audiences with its unapologetically black themes surrounding beauty, acceptance and pride. It garnered Knowles the first number one album of her career, a debut performance spot on Saturday Night Live and it’s already […]


POTUS shared that after his term comes to an end, he and his wife will be involved in politics at a grassroots level.

Solange's A Seat at the Table is an incredible album and so is the artwork that goes along with it.

The live show is welcoming Solange Knowles to its stage tonight, with Benedict Cumberbatch as its host.


According to Billboard, the Knowles girls just joined an elite group of siblings who both have number one albums.

Check out Solange in her new Documentary taking us through her creative process for her brand new album.

After the release of Solange’s, A Seat At The Table, the comparisons flew, as we could expect. In a recent interview with The Fader, Solange touches on the subject of the correlation of their albums. She states, It shouldn’t be surprising that two people who grew up in the same household with the same parents who are very, […]