Check out this interview as Aladdin sit down with up and coming R&B star Kiana Lede. She plays Aladdin’s 5 First… There is always a first time for everything… and what do we learn about Kiana after she sits down with Aladdin for the first time???  Press Play!!

10 years ago Drake released a groundbreaking mixtape that would change his career forever — “So Far Gone”. The mixtape is now available on ALL streaming platforms and to celebrate Drake’s success, DJ Reece & Aladdin Da Prince turned your radios into a party! If you missed the Mix til 6 you can check it […]

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The film is slated to start shooting this summer.

Walt Disney Studios has been on a live-action kick lately, mostly due to the success of last year’s Maleficent and this year’s Cinderella remakes. To follow the huge…