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Bay Area rapper The Bobby Effect is on the rise. With her edgy style and bold personality, she’s diving head first into the rap game with lyrics that preach unity and a fashion sense that turns heads. Accurately nicknamed, “The Trill Goddess,” The Bobby Effect says she’s the perfect mix of when spirituality and metaphysics […]

Los Angeles hip-hop artist DMB Gotti is a relatively new voice in the rap game who is quickly building a strong rep in the West Coast scene. His latest single “Peter Piper” dropped October 21st, 2019. His sound is an upper for the new generation and motivates people to get up and move. He has […]

Some things to think about for people still wanting to drag her for her Kobe Bryant question.

“There aren’t enough words to describe our pain right now” Vanessa expresses in her first statement via Instagram after the passing of her husband and daughter Sunday morning. Over this week so many fans, past teammates, celebrities, politicians, family members and so many others have shared their condolences for the Bryant family and the 7 […]

Hair. Deep sigh. Talking about hair, particularly Black hair, (particularly my hair) is exhausting. It is not the long locks that flow like it does from other women’s scalps. It does not fit into society’s version of acceptable natural hair. It is not 3C or 3D or anywhere near the 3s. Its 4C. And 4C […]

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood is finally here. The movie in which Tom Hanks plays the iconic and very much loved Mr. Rogers is in theaters now and we sat down with the cast to talk about heroes, their neighborhood and of all things #BlackLove. The movie stars Matthew Rhys, Tom Hanks, and Susan […]