WOW!! When the visual to amazing audio drops it is rare now a days that the visual is just as great as the audio, but in this case that is not the result.  J. Cole is an artist that is slept on (yes I said slept on, because he doesn’t receive as much praise […]

I know how much you love J Cole, I did a little research and made a few phone calls to find out that Cole is hard at work on the music video for his hit single “Crooked Smile” ft. TLC. Apparently, the hit rapper is in the big city of Brooklyn shooting the video.  The […]

 Outshining the rest of the heavy hitting albums that released this season, J.Cole’s Born Sinner soars to Number 1 album in the country beatin gout Yeezus and even our hometown hero, Wale. It’s expected that next week, Born Sinner will fall to number 2 as Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail is set to take […]

What happens when a Born Sinner and The Gifted come together!? J Cole and Wale tested out this theory with the release of a new song.  These two Roc Nation lyricists, came together on a Jake One track, to create “Winter Schemes”.  Although this is not the first time these two have been on a track together, they still […]

From The Sound Live:  Preparing for the release of his best albumyet, Hip Hop star, J.Cole is excited the release of his album, Born Sinner, set to hit the shelves June 18th, the same day as Kanye’s ‘Yeezus’. Born Sinner did what most albums seem to do, leak before release and judging by the remarks […]

J. Cole let the tracklist for his upcoming album, “Born Sinner,” loose on Twitter by twitpic’ing it from his iTunes library. The highy anticipated album…

J. Cole may yet have another hit on his hands with his new single “Crooked Smile” featuring TLC. This collaboration with TLC most definitely put J. Cole on a different level in the industry.  The lyrics to this song also show his maturity and his up most respect for the females by stating in one of his verses: “To all the […]

From The Sound Live:  Everyone is talking after North Carolina lyricist J. Cole decided to push up the release of his new album ‘Born Sinner’ up an entire week, trying to figure out what enticed the 4 year veteran rapper to push up his release so drastically.  What really has people talking is the fact […]

June 18th was a date that everyone associated with the next Kanye West album.  Now it looks like someone else has claimed June 18th. J.Cole vs. Kanye West…who would you have!? No, no, no silly rabbit, the two are not fighting, but their album will be however.  J. Cole has moved up the release date […]

The hardest working cat in the game who has yet to drop his debut-album is back with another dope EP to wet the pallets of Hip-Hop connoisseurs. He his slated to drop “Born Sinner” his debut-album on June 25th. But he found time to grace us with a follow-up EP called “Yours Truly 2” but […]