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June 18th was a date that everyone associated with the next Kanye West album.  Now it looks like someone else has claimed June 18th.

J.Cole vs. Kanye West…who would you have!?

No, no, no silly rabbit, the two are not fighting, but their album will be however.  J. Cole has moved up the release date of his “Born Sinner” album, same release date as “Yeezus”.  Cole’s second studio album was set to be released in June but he clearly had a change of mind as he tweeted:

“Kanye West is one of the greatest artists of our generation”

“Which is exactly why I am moving my release date up”

“Born Sinner June 18th”

With that being said and tweeted, it looks like Kanye is in another album release battle.  Some see the change of Cole’s “Born Sinner” a form of competitive flattery, while others thought Cole was coming for Kanye.  Not only did he release that he change his release date, but he also released the album artwork; or at least his options (below).



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