We're not sure if this story is totally true or just a PR stunt, but either way, it's a good one.

There are way too many subliminal and overt racist messages to unpack here.

A new synthetic drug called “Flakka” has been hitting the streets across the country and has many people in a panic. The drug, which is manufactured in China and India has a street value of just $5 and is being infused with popular candies. It causes paranoia, schizophrenia, superhuman strength and even heart attacks. Florida has seen […]

With Thursday’s surprise tentative agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Obama appears to be on track to build a diplomatic legacy to match pledges…

New KFC Commercial Have you seen the new KFC Commercial?   Check it out below and then take our poll and let us know what you think..“Promoting Chicken or Stereotypes”  

After reading this story, you’ll never have to wonder why some people act like they can’t give you directions when you ask. A man in…


Medical progress saves lives, but sometimes scientists let the hope of a breakthrough get in the way of ethics. Recently, the United States government issued a formal apology to Guatemala for experiments done there in the 1940s that involved infecting prisoners and mental patients with syphilis. The Guatemala project is just one of many terrible […]


According to TMZ, LeBron James is ballin’ so hard in China right now … he’s got his own personal DJ in his hotel room — and the guy’s spinnin’ records 24 HOURS A DAY. Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2013/07/25/lebron-james-24-hour-dj-china-video/#ixzz2a4glNMSj Watch the Video Here:

  From The Sound Live: Our 3rd rock from the sun has been quite disastrous as of late, as different life taking situations have taken place on different magnitudes all across the globe. Yesterday, another devastating event took place, this time in China. A 6.6 Magnitude struck Sichuan, China claiming the lives of 189 People […]