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After reading this story, you’ll never have to wonder why some people act like they can’t give you directions when you ask. A man in China found himself in the hospital after he stopped to give a trio of men directions, but woke up with a shot glass firmly implanted in his anus.


The victim, identified as Mr. Liu, claims he was walking around his neighborhood when a van carrying three men stopped him and asked him for directions. According to Mr. Liu, he lost consciousness and remembers waking up on his knees behind the van. the three men were all standing around him when he came to. When Mr. Liu ran away from the men, none of them followed him.

When Liu got to his house, he noticed he was bleeding and went directly to the hospital. Liu received an X-ray where it was discovered that he had a 5cm x 7 cm shot glass making its home in his rectum.

As Mr. Liu recovers in the hospital, police are investigating the incident. The three men in the van have yet to be found.



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