Erica Mena stormed onto “Love & Hip Hop” like a bat out of h*ll! Within her first few minutes of appearing on the melodramatic reality show, she was attacking Kimbella. Calling her names and referring to career as inferior and soft porn. Mena even accused Kim of sexing her way to the top. Later she […]

Erica Mena claims “Love & Hip Hop” ruined her career and painted her in a negative light after they aired a fight between her and Kimbella. We could believe that VH1 producers, through editing made her seem like an instigator, but after she beat up her “Terror Squad” boyfriend in the street like a hood-rat, […]

Erica Mena made her debut on VH1’s scripted reality show “Love & Hip Hop” two nights ago. It is there where Erica got her a$$ beat and wound up with a lump on her pretty little forehead. Mena tells TMZ, “My whole image in my career is now affected by this. I wanted them to […]