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Another reality star has come for Wendy Williams. People no longer seem to be afraid to clap back at the Queen of Hot Topics! Recently Wendy reported that Shad Moss (who will forever be known as Lil Bow Wow) ended his engagement with Love & Hip Hop: New York star, Erica Mena. Wendy couldn’t just say the engagement was off, she had to drag Erica through the mud as if the 27-year-old model tried to get with her husband!

“[She’s] A very lovely girl from what I know. I don’t really know her but a very good-looking woman but when Bow Wow got engaged to her after only dating for a few months, I was gagging. Are you serious? Bow Wow, your mom is going to flip…!”

Wendy went on to say she knew pressure from the media or from Shad’s friends would finally help him to come to his senses.

“I know guys like girls like that but they normally don’t bring them home,” said Williams. “And they definitely don’t engage them, with a ring. Sorry, Erica. Well, they got engaged, but you know I said that they would never make it down the aisle. I mean she’s pretty for a hook up. She’s a snack, but the main course? With a ring? No!”

Supposedly, the couple broke up after Erica shared the news of their miscarriage on social media which enraged Shad. The pair hasn’t publically announced their split. Instead, they handled it the mature way by deleting all pictures and mentions of each other on Instagram. #Classy

Erica has a strong fan base on social media. Several of her nearly 500,000 Twitter followers asked her how she felt about Wendy’s comments to which she tweeted, “Wendy loves to discuss everyones relationship but her own very abusive one.”

Well then! Erica would you mind elaborating on that tweet? Wendy has been very vocal about her past with substance abuse and even emotional abuse via fat-shaming from her parents. But that tweet seems to be a bit shadier; we think Erica may be alluding to Wendy’s experience physical abuse but we haven’t found any receipts to corroborate her accusations.

Erica probably needs to be in the press as much as possible right now after declaring she was done with Love & Hip Hop: New York. She initially left her role on the franchise for Shad’s checks, to be with Shad but now that her gravy train has ended, we wonder how many messages she’s left for Mona Scott-Young?



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