Plus, the Flint Task Force reads state leaders for filth, Hulk Hogan talks Gawker sex tape lawsuit with "The View," and ex Ole Miss student pleads guilty to vandalizing Civil Rights statue.

Hogan shares his thoughts about Gawker, winning $115 million, and the tape.

Hulkamania is running wild! Wrestling legend Hilk Hogan just became $115 Million Dollars richer after winning his lawsuit against Gawker Media. Gawker, website that runs sub-sites such as Deadspin obtained a sex tape involving Hogan and released it on it’s website. Hogan originally sued for $100 Million but was awarded $15 Million more in damages. […]


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Despite his WWE contract being terminated over racist remarks he made in 2012, Hulk Hogan is staying positive. The legendary wrestler is currently facing a…