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This week, we throw the spotlight on Isaac Appiah, CEO of Flyshikis Traditional African/Urban Custom Fashions. Millennial Money Moves – presented by Industrial Bank!

Crissy Taylor, owner of Taylored Taste Boutique Catering, specializing in Asian Food fused with Soul Food, and offering clients a unique catering experience with a beautiful palate of food customized to their individual and unique tastes. Millennial Money Moves – presented by Industrial Bank!

Trey Brown, owner of MNR Dips, talks about his specialized ‘3-coat’ car painting technique that’s taking the DMV by storm. Millennial Money Moves, Presented by Industrial Bank.

Patrice Murphy, owner of “Curves and Gains” talks about giving up the corporate world to pursue her true passion: being a personal trainer and helping people obtain a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, exercise, sleeping habits and weight loss.  Millennial Money Moves, Presented by Industrial Bank.

Howard grad Morgan Davis shares the success story behind “Distinctly Creative,” the company she founded for Black Entrepreneurs. Millennial Money Moves, Presented by Industrial Bank.

During its 80+ year history, Industrial Bank has historically been the largest Black-owned bank in Washington, DC. We are currently the only African-American owned bank in DC, and the fifth largest such bank nationwide. Industrial offers the wide range of deposit accounts, online and mobile banking services, residential and commercial loans, and cash management services […]

Ever since people started keeping track of money, they also have been mindful of their capital, especially in business. One dictionary definition of the financial term capital is “the wealth, whether in money or property, which is owned or employed in business by an individual or a firm, etc.” But having said that, not all […]

I’ve already talked about cash flow and collateral in this space, and—from the perspective of a business lender—those are definitely the two capital C’s among the C’s of credit. They are the “grownups” of the Credit family, if you will: the two factors in a credit decision that are easiest to objectively quantify, and perhaps […]