Real Housewives of Atlanta’s own Kenya Moore’s “twirl” may be “gone with the wind fabolous”, but it might not be faster than her landlord who allegedly evicted her. If Moore returns to the 6th season of Bravo’s hit reality show, Real Housewives of Atlanta, the cameras may catch her looking for a new crib. According […]

Season 5 of Real Housewives of Atlanta is over and the ladies, and still the ladies and the drama are still taking over the blogs. In an un-aired special from Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya claims that Porsha said that the relationship between Cynthia and Nene “I’m Very Rich, B*tch” Leakes is un-natural. If you […]

Over the past couple of days Peter Thomas, husband to RHOA star Cynthia Bailey, has been in the DMV area. In an exclusive interview which he reveals he is scouting locations for his DC ‘Bar One’, he was also very open and willing to talk about what goes on in front of the camera and […]

If you missed part 1 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, check it out below.  


    Kenya Moore is continuing to make more waves with her ‘Gone With The Wind ,Fabolous’ movement. After last night’s episode of RHOA, Kenya Moore released a video with her catchy & twirly phrase making fun of Porscha and Phaedra Parks.     Follow me on Twitter & Instagram, @UrbanInformer!


Kenya Moore is expanding her brand. The reality star has branched out into the fitness arena with the release of a new workout video “Booty…

When Kenya Moore walked into Nene’s Shoedazzle launch on the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta this past week, faces in the room and people watching at home on television dropped! In her latest Bravo Blog titled, ‘Dont Get Stupid And I Won’t Get Crazy’, Kenya addresses why she made her entrance and the […]

Whomever said “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” apparently must haven’t seen a scorned man! After Kenya Moore’s latest blog on Bravo, we know that her and Walter are no longer a couple. For the past couple of weeks, we have seen them going back and forth with who was lying and who […]

Over the past few weeks, we have seen Kenya Moore and Walter go back and forth about their relationship. While it was made public information that Walter was “Boyfriend For Rent”, Kenya has continue to plead that her relationship is real. (Sidebar: If you seen Nene’s interview with Wendy Williams, she claims how un-ethical it was […]

By now, we all know about the desperate newest Real Housewife of Atlanta, Kenya Moore. Ever since she appeared on camera, we saw either flirting with Phaedra’s man or trying to get her “boyfriend”, Walter Jackson, to knock her up and marry her. The “couple” pretended to be working things out and possibly moving toward […]

  I think if you have watched any episode of this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, you should know that the latest housewife co-star, Kenya Moore, is a little touched. She has already pissed off Cynthia, Porsche, and last night, Phaedra. Phaedra was ready to beat the breaks off her for getting a little too […]

If Kenya doesn’t know how to do anything else, she knows how to keep the drama going. After the first episode of RHOA aired, Moore took to her Bravo blog to go in on Cynthia Bailey. This time, it’s the other newest housewife, Porsha, who is getting a taste of Miss America Detroit USA’s mind. […]