Tiffany Haddish seemingly has no filter, which has made her one of the most beloved celebrities in recent times. The hilarious actress, who has been frank about her flirtatious nature in the past, offered up actor Leonardo DiCaprio the cakes and offered more funny tidbits in a new interview. Haddish, who is set to star […]

This is the 13th year Time has published this list and we have to say, this year it's especially great.

Throwback Thursday is only fun when you dig deep down in the vault into unknown territory. This week, we did just that with some of our favorite celebrities.

Stacey Dash clearly hasn't finished riding the wave of her first (and last) Academy Awards appearance, because she just can't seem to stop bringing up the awkward night that happened weeks ago.

Rihanna might be keeping her involvement with Leonardo DiCaprio quiet as its kept, but a picture is worth 1,000 words. There have been whispers about Rihanna‘s flirtation with Leo since last year, and they only got louder when he threw her a birthday party. However, there hasn’t been much to talk about in months since […]

Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio have been linked to each other for quite some time now.

In light of NAACP chapter President Rachel Dolezal being accused of pretending to be African American by her parents, there are some coming to her…

Rihanna Shuts Down Those Leonardo DiCaprio Rumors Bad girl Rih Rih is shutting down those Leo rumors fast Rumors have been swirling for months that…