A shortage of condoms could be near. Karex Bhd, the world’s largest condom producer,  has been ordered to shut its doors. The company, located in Malaysia, manufactures about 20 percent of the world’s condom supply and has been shutdown for ten days. This ten day shutdown has already resulted in a 100 million shortage. The […]


Malaysian airlines cannot seem to catch a break. Reports have come in that Malaysian Airlines No. 17  believed to be carrying 295 people was shot down near the border of Ukraine and Russia. The flight was traveling in route from Amsterdam–Kuala–Lumpur disappeared from radar screening at approximately 4:20 pm. This is not the first incident […]

  From IAmBrianJames.com The world has been watching the skies, grounds, seas, and everywhere in search for a flight that disappeared last week; Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Over night while you were sleep, Australian Navy Satellites found 2 pieces of what look like debris  floating in the Indian Sea. Navies across the world are rushing […]

From IAmBrianJames.com For those of you who like conspiracies and such… You have to see this video!  Prophet T.B. Joshua said this in the morning of Sunday 9th March 2013: “The plane concerned is deep inside the sea. Some of the particles will be seen on the surface of the sea any moment from now. […]