Tyga is a good dad when it comes to son King—but when it comes to his pet Tiger, he definitely dropped the ball. According to reports, Tyga’s Tiger is living at Lions, Tigers & Bears non-profit rescue in So Cal, but the staff says that he never made any effort to help out with the cat’s […]

Your Take On Pet Peeves 8-6-14 [AUDIO]

Attention Dog Owners!!   WATCH YOUR LEASH!     If you are a dog owner you know the importance of keeping a leash on your pet, in fact in some states it is illegal to walk a dog without one.  But did you ever think that having a leash on your dog could be dangerous?   […]

While the public was gushing over the first photo of baby North West, something else segment-bombed his interview on Kris Jenner’s show…Kanye’s very un-Yeezy voice. Now we don’t know if he was just talking like this because he’s talking to his girl’s mama or if this how “Yeezus” sounds since he didn’t do any video […]