Justin Bieber is no stranger to winning awards of every caliber, but the young superstar revealed that he “doesn’t feel good” before the show ceremonies…or after them. Following the Billboard Awards on Sunday, the Biebs took to Instagram to post a very sentimental message with an equally maudlin photo. “I don’t know about these awards shows. No disrespect […]


From  the streets of  the south side of Chicago to hip-hop legacy, Common shares his thoughts on the importance of valuing your life. ” ]

To this date, The Fugee’s was one of the world’s BIGGEST Hip Hop trio. Lauryn, Wyclef, and Pras were definitely on their way to the top, when they disbanded in 1997. Though they tried to reconcile and get back together at the 2005 BET Awards, it didn’t last long. In 2010, Pras told Hip Hop […]