Ray J

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When it comes to men in R&B and Hip-Hop, they don’t seem to like women very much. Well, I shouldn’t make a blanket statement like…

No wonder Ray J can’t get over Kim Kardashian…she was his FIRST LOVE! When he recently said down to Wendy Williams, he admitted that Kim K was his first love and that his song ‘I Hit It First’ was about Kimmy Cakes. No surprise there though! Be sure to follow me on Instagram & Twitter, […]

Can Ray J top “I Hit It First”? He thinks that his next single just might, as it is a continuation. “That should be more…

I have no words because I’m too busy laughing. Just press play. Must READ: 5 Kanye West Comebacks To Ray J’s “I Hit It First” READ…


Even though Ray J was denying that his song, I Hit It First, had anything to do with Kim Kardashian, now that the video has dropped it only confirms that he was lying! Whether it’s the lyrics to the song, the Kim K look-a-like or the other images in the video-we all know that it was directed at Kim […]

The photo above is circulating around the Internets but no confirmation if Kanye West has anything to do with it. Regardless, the Examiner is reporting on Kanye’s reaction to Ray-J’s controversial single “I Hit It First”, a song that boasts on him having sex with ‘Ye’s now-pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Via Examiner It’s no secret that […]

Outpsoken K. Michelle is shaking the table once again and this time she is coming for Ray J. K. took to her Twitter page to…

Everybody chill out! According to Ray-J his new song “I Hit It First” is not about Kim K. Although the cover for the track features a blurred out image of a woman who looks obvisouly similiar to Kim, Ray J says rest assured because he’s not talking about her. In a recent radio interview, Ray […]

Over the weekend, if it was Ray J’s mission to get everybody talking about him, mission accomplished. On Friday, he tweeted the covert art for his new single, I Hit It First. By Saturday am, the full song had leaked on the net. While the cover art suggest that it is about Kanye’s baby mama, […]

Shots fired!! Everyone take cover!! Ray J clearly has a high volume of sodium against Kim Kardashian!  The two haven’t been involved with each other in over six years, but Ray J just can’t let go!  I for one am starting to think that he is a little obsessed with Kim, or mad that he […]


As we have seen in the past, Ray J is one with a short temper. According to reports, Ray J was involved in a verbal confrontation with a woman backstage at a concert when he called her a “fat b***h!” She responded by saying “I’m the b***h they would get to whoop other b***hes asses.” Check out the fight below: […]