Relisha Rudd

Three years after Relisha Rudd went missing, the details surrounding her disappearance still remain scarce.

As we find new leads in the disappearance of 8 year old Relisha Rudd, Anlo da Rambo teams up with Valdiviez to drop a song addressing the issues regarding the lack of support and closure to this case  

Plus, D.C. police start a new search for missing 8-year-old Relisha Rudd and Jackson, Mississippi lawmakers pass resolution against the state's anti-LGBT legislation.

The search for Relisha Rudd continues more than a year after she first went missing. Family members and volunteers have not given up hope that…

  Seen at  This story has been sad and a headache to keep up with simply because you try to dive into the psyche of this maniac, Khalil Tatum, the suspect in the kidnapping of Relisha Rudd. Authorities may have stumbled upon something that could lead to a big turn in this investigation.  According […]

  As many people in the DC area continue to ponder and pray over the situation regarding  the disappearance of  8 year old Relisha Rudd who was reported missing on March 19th,  Rudd’s mother, Shamika Young finally speaks to media.   NBCWASHINGTON reports: The mother of a missing 8-year-old girl says she believes her daughter is still alive […]

Relisha Tenau Rudd, 8, (pictured above) was last seen at a Washington  family shelter Feb. 26. According to reports, Relisha is described as four feet tall…