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This story has been sad and a headache to keep up with simply because you try to dive into the psyche of this maniac, Khalil Tatum, the suspect in the kidnapping of Relisha Rudd. Authorities may have stumbled upon something that could lead to a big turn in this investigation. 

According to WJLA:

At a press conference held Monday evening at approximately 6:20 p.m., D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier thanked volunteers who have helped in the search for Relisha Rudd.

She stated that the adult male body found has tentatively been identified as Khalil Tatum – as it is “consistent with his appearance.” Lanier also added that she was “pretty comfortable” in concluding that the death was a suicide. But Rudd remains missing.

“We are still here for the reason we came here to begin with – to look for Relisha,” Lanier said. “The discovery was a shock for us.”

Earlier Monday, it was confirmed that the body of an adult male was found in Kenilworth Park and aquatic gardens in the “target area” of where authorities and volunteers have been searching for missing 8-year-old girl Relisha Rudd on Monday.

“Looked like the officers were running back and forth and running in and out of the woods,” said nearby resident, James Johnson, of the flurry of activity at the park.

On Monday, it was a search by foot that led to this most recent discovery. And now, residents and family members are fearful of the whereabouts of Relisha Rudd. If Tatum was dead, they ask, where is she?

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