Black-ish actress, Tracee Ellis Ross is teaming with Regina King, Sanaa Lathan and Alfree Woodard to re-create The Golden Girls tonight on ZOOM.

The "Shots Fired" actress told the "The Talk" she and her friends laughed their "a#%es" off given how 'absurd" is was.

Sanaa Lathan wants you to know that she wasn’t the actress who allegedly tried to take a bite out of Beyoncé. When Tiffany Haddish shared a juicy story about an actress that was “on drugs” trying to bite Bey’s face, Sanaa somehow became the target of suspicion. They Beyhive descended on Sanaa’s Instagram to sting […]

The #ForTheD*ckChallenge is the best thing to happen to the Internet this week

Sanaa Lathan either doesn’t age or she’s figured out a way to age backwards. We’re gonna guess the ladder. Here’s 15 photos that prove Sanaa Lathan ages backwards. The Latest Music, Celebrities and Interviews: Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

Julia Roberts was named People magazine’s “most beautiful woman in the world” and the Internet simply wasn’t here for it. No shade to Ms. Roberts but it seems that the legendary mag would rather recycle stars like her and Jennifer Aniston before they let a new woman, especially a woman of color, grace the cover. Check […]

Ahead of the debut of their FOX drama series Shots Fired, co-stars Sanaa Lathan and Mack Wilds decided to have a little fun with Snapchat to the delight of fans. Their series Shots Fired is a heavy, timely drama about the state of the justice system as it relates to police, civilians and those who […]

I flew out to Los Angeles, California to host the Luxury Is... Experience Red Carpet for the Lincoln Motor Company, where I caught up with Sanaa Lathan and my girl V. Bozeman.