Jackie Paige

She returned to her hometown for an exclusive interview with her favorite DC Media!

Summertime means vacation time!  How do you maintain your health and fitness goals while still having fun on vacation?  Trainer and owner of Prophet Fitness, Britt Daniels, joins coach Jackie Paige with a few helpful tips! Follow Britt now on Instagram or visit his website to get more fitness tips! Grab your passport and meet […]

It is a ‘Get Fit Friday’ and today, owner of Prophet Fitness,

Want to learn how to break into the music industry without the machine? Join us on Thursday, June 30th at 7pm/EST for our Indy Life Panel at The Music Meeting

It is a ‘Get Fit Friday’ and today owner...

Crunches, planks, mountain climbers, toe touches? With so many exercise geared to strengthen and tone the core, which one is the most effective?

  Singer and songwriter, Fana Hues stepped into ‘Girl Talk’ with Jackie Paige to talk about her latest project “Flora + Fana”, taking a writers course at San Quentin and having nine siblings. Check out Fana’s and Jackie Paige’s convo!    

  Singer, songwriter and producer Sean Garrett sat down with Jackie Paige to talk about working with Summer Walker on her latest project, who he would like to work with and his new record label. Check out the full interview below: