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Amid rumors that her lawsuit vexed producers to the point where they were ready to tell her that her services were no longer needed, a rep for Jennifer Williams says that she will in fact be back for the fifth season of Basketball Wives. Williams’ rep told, ”Jennifer is not saying goodbye to the Basketball Wives series. Her blog was meant to clarify where she stands in regards to the drama that took place during the season finale in Tahiti, not as a goodbye letter.”

The blog in question read as a sort of kiss-off to the cast members who shaded her throughout the fourth season.

Jen writes in a post entitled “The G Code” (shout out to Juvenile):

In relation to the Basketball Wives cast, I feel some of the ladies who claimed to be my friend and claimed to be neutral made snide and slick remarks along with snickering about me.  This proved to me that they indeed were not at all neutral.  This season for me seemed no matter what I did it wasn’t going to be right, so I stopped trying.  Tahiti was the last straw for me, we were half way around the world and I didn’t go there to argue or fight.  I just wanted peace, but soon realized that wasn’t going to happen unless I was secluded from those that were determined to argue and fight.  Arguing with former friends, slinging dirt back and forth was something I could have done in Miami not there.  And what ever happened to the “G Code”?  Whether the validity of things being said about me was true or false, as a friend there are certain things I would NEVER do. If you tell me something in confidence friend or foe, whether I don’t speak to you 20 years from now I will respect that and you will never have to worry about me repeating a word. The funny thing about arguing is choosing your words wisely because you can never take them back especially with millions of viewers watching.  Although I have been through a number of emotions regarding my friendship with Evelyn dissolving, I have not and will not participate in the mud slinging. Over 10 years we have shared good times, bad times, marriages, engagements, break ups, moving, vacations, holidays together, wins, loses and much more.  As we all have witnessed before, unfortunately our relationship has not survived the pressures and effects of a reality show and all that comes with it.  As difficult and hurtful as it may be, I will continue to be resolute with my decision to respect what our friendship was and not where is has gone.

Even though this has been a trying season, I hope at some point my cast mates can get along and be civil with one another. I will always appreciate Basketball Wives Season 4 and this time in my life for the abundant lessons learned and personal growth I was forced to face. We all have our own individual imperfections, but I also believe we all have a good heart.  As women of color it is important we uplift and support one another.  I wish all my cast mates continued success and best wishes with their future endeavors.

Somewhere Evelyn Lozada is shouting, “You ain’t about this life.” And elsewhere Jen is looking the other way pretending she’s Helene Keller whenever her old friend is talking. See you soon, ladies.

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