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Yesterday Jay-Z and Kanye West, collectively known as The Throne, released the official video to their song, “No Church In the Wild.” In the Romain Gavras-directed video viewers are given a street-level view into the anatomy of anarchy.  Masked citizens clash with riot police in the streets throwing Molotov cocktails as the armored overseers attempt to restore order on horseback.

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Several months ago the video directors at the HighFiveCollective made their own video depicting white slavery in America. A white man with a scarred back hides out in the church when his Black slave masters chase him down. They drag him out from under a pew by his feet and hang him from a tree.

These are two very different interpretations of the same song, but which video do you think best reflects it? Watch them both and voice your opinion in our poll!

No Church In the Wild (HighFive Collective version)

No Church In The Wild (Official Video)

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