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Disney has always faced criticism for being racially unaware in a lot of their programming–whether TV or movies. Look how long it took them to introduce Princess Tiana–a peer to Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Jasmine and every other Disney princess we have loved since tea parties populated with imaginary friends.

Princess Tiana made her Disney debut in 2009 and we’ve finally got another black Disney character that little brown girls can look up to and see someone that represents them. Her name is Doc McStuffins–which is also the name of the new cartoon. According to the NY Times, “Doc McStuffins”is aimed at preschoolers and centers on its title character, a six-year-old African-American girl. Her mother is a doctor while her father stays home and tends the garden. Doc McsStuffins emulates her mother by opening a clinic for dolls and stuffed animals. “I haven’t lost a toy yet,” she says sweetly to a sick dinosaur in one episode.

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“Doc McStuffins” debuted in March on Disney and Disney Junior and has been ratings GOLD! Parents and kids alike are in love with “Doc McStuffins.” The show attracted an average of 918,000 children age two to five, according to Nielsen data. “Doc McStuffins” also seems to have struck a cultural nerve–generating praise on parent blogs, Facebook and even in schools for its positive vocational message for African-American girls to strive for something greater than being the next reality show star.

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