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In an interview with Crunk + Disorderly, Basketball Wives star Kenya Bell reveals that she is unsure as to whether or not she will return to the forthcoming season of the popular VH1 show.

Excerpts below:

Basketball Wives really broadcasted you to the masses and got people interested in you and your music! Looking back now that time has passed since the season aired, was it all worth it?

I must admit that the first season was very difficult. The girls were very hard on me and my music. But at the end of the day people know that I have talent now and the show has opened doors for me. Believe it or not, I’ve also made some great friends on the show.

Reality TV has truly taken over the airwaves in the last few years. As an artist who used a reality show as a platform to showcase your talent, do you think it is a good way for newcomers in the music industry to get themselves out there? How has the success of the show assisted your career?

As I was contemplating whether or not to do the show someone told me that some television is better than no television. It was great advice. Reality TV is what’s hot now and it’s exciting to have been a part of this new era of television. Whether I do it again next year is up in the air.

Critics say shows like Basketball Wives give a bad rap to women, especially African American women. Do you agree with the critics and is that the reason you weren’t seen getting physically on the show?

I definitely restrained myself because I didn’t want to add to the negative stigma that had irritated so many people about the show. In Tahiti, all that went out of the window….it was going to be on & poppin’!

You can check out the interview in full, including Kenya’s opinion that she and Beyoncé are twins, at Crunk + Disorderly.

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