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Instead of “makin’ love in the club”, several gossip sites are reporting that Chris Brown and Rihanna may have been doing drugs in the club!


via Celebs

Chris Brown and Rihanna have been taking their love all over the world in recent months but the loved up duo may be indulging in other things besides romantic vacations and parties.

According to one gossip site, C Breezy and RiRi may have been doing drugs based on some rather interesting photos that have surfaced.

Media Take Out is reporting that both Chris and Rihanna were spotted with a mysterious white powder on their clothes after emerging from a Los Angeles area nightclub recently. So what was it and why was it all over their clothes? That remains to be seen but you can definitely see it in the photos and it looks a little suspicious.




Unless Chris Brown and Rihanna somehow spilled flour on themselves in the club, it’s hard to understand why they would have white powder on their clothes. Were they doing drugs? Getting high together? Hopefully not, because if that’s the case, then this relationship is more toxic than most people think!

I don’t think the two were doing drugs in the club. I definitely don’t put the drugs use past either of them. In this case, I think the club had the fog machine on where they were, and the fog residue got on their clothes. Am I being naive?


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