Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens for their win against the San Francisco 49ers! In a game that was mirrored in fast points, Beyonce and a DC quasi-reunion to a power outage. The city of New Orleans and millions of fans across the world were treated to a great game by two well-deserving teams. The Ravens started hot and jumped on the Niners but were cooled after the halftime show starring Beyonce and a bizarre power outage most likely done by Beyonce using all the power for her show.

Joe Flacco went to work on the Niners defense by throwing for 287 yards, three touchdowns and need I say no interceptions. The battle tested Ravens withstood a resurgence by the Niners to win 34-31. What a way to end the game with the Ray Lewis led defense on the goal line with the game on the line.

The game was touted to be many things–the battle of the Harbaughs, Ray’s Last Dance and Kaepernick’s coming out party, it was all these and more!

Again what a game! Congrats to the Ravens and the city of Baltimore! Go Ravens!!


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